Union Memory was Selected as Shenzhen Nanshan High-level Innovative Talents Practical Training Base 

Union Memory was Selected as Shenzhen Nanshan High-level Innovative Talents Practical Training Base

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Union Memory, a leading provider of flash memory solutions, announced today that it has been selected as the Shenzhen Nanshan High-level Innovative Talents Practical Training Base amid the unveiling ceremony.

According to “Measures for the Administration of Shenzhen Nanshan High-level Innovative Talents Practical Training Base”, Shenzhen Nanshan High-level Innovative Talents Practical Training Base (hereinafter the "Training Base") refers to the training platform to be jointly constructed by Nanshan District People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality, related universities, enterprises and research institutions, with local key enterprises and research institutions as the carriers, with the aim of offering students holding bachelors (inclusive) and higher degrees practice training for relevant professional posts.

Any enterprise (institution) that meets all the following conditions is qualified for applying for admission to the training base:

 (1) Can offer more than 10 practical training posts for university students every year;

 (2) Can provide a good working environment for the trainees;

 (3) Has established a standardized training system for the trainees and can provide them with professional guidance; and

 (4) Can offer certain jobs to the trainees, at a proportion of employment not be less than 30%.

As the National High-Tech Enterprise and the SRDI Enterprise by the MIIT, Union Memory has not only achieved rapid growth in business performance, but also attached great importance to the construction of talent team. Since its establishment in 2017, Union Memory has provided practical training opportunities for many outstanding students from well-known universities at home and abroad, including many high-level innovative talents holding masters’ and doctorial degrees. Therefore, Union Memory stood out from numerous applicant enterprises and successfully opened the training base after the selection through strict application, acceptance, review, publicity, approval, and unveiling.

Cody Wang, Union Memory’s CEO, said that “we are greatly honored to be selected as Shenzhen Nanshan High-level Innovative Talents Practical Training Base, which is hugely inspiring for our talent strategy. Union Memory will continue to regard talent as the most valuable wealth, and is committed to creating the best talent team in the storage industry to provide broad development space for outstanding talents. What’s more, we’ll keep on optimizing the ecological environment as a business organization, to achieve its business growth together with the employees.”

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