Union Memory Passed the Requalification of the National High-Tech Enterprise 

Union Memory Passed the Requalification of the National High-Tech Enterprise

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Union Memory, a leading provider of flash memory solutions, announced today that it has been passed “National High-Tech Enterprise” requalification and will receive the updated Certificate of National High-Tech Enterprise.

The National High-Tech Enterprise means that, subject to the Fields of High and New Technology under the Primary Support of the State, any resident enterprises registered within the territory of the People’s Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong & Macao Special Administrative Regions and Chinese Taiwan) for more than one year, which have continuously carried out R&D and transformation of technological achievements, formed core corporate proprietary intellectual property rights, and carrying on business activities on this basis.

Currently, the National High-Tech Enterprise is accredited under the conditions including:

 (1) An enterprise shall have been incorporated for more than one year when applying for accreditation; 

 (2) An enterprise that acquires the ownership of the intellectual property rights that play a core supporting role in the technologies of its main products (services) by means of independent R&D, transfer, gift, M&A, etc.

Class Ⅰ: Invention patents, new plant varieties, national new drugs, national-level crop varieties, national class-1 TCM protected varieties and exclusive rights of integrated circuit layout design; 

Class Ⅱ: Utility model patents, industrial design patents, and software copyrights;

 (3) The technologies that play a core supporting role in the main products (services) of the enterprise fall within the scope prescribed in the Fields of High and New Technology under the Primary Support of the State;

 (4) The number of scientific and technological personnel engaged in R&D and related technological innovation activities shall account for not less than 10% in the total number of employees of the enterprise in the current year;

 (5) The proportion of the total R&D expenses in the total sales revenue of the enterprise in the last three fiscal years (the actual operation period less than three years shall be calculated according to the actual operation period, the same below) shall meet the following requirements:

1. For the enterprise with sales revenue of less than CNY50 million (inclusive) in the last year, the proportion shall not be less than 5%;

2. For the enterprise with sales revenue from CNY50 million to CNY200 million (inclusive) in the last year, the proportion shall not be less than 4%; and

3. For the enterprise with sales revenue of more than CNY200 million, the proportion shall not be less than 3%.
Of which total R&D expenses incurred by the enterprise in China shall account for no less than 60% of its total R&D expenses;

 (6) The proportion of the income from new and high technology products (services) in the last year to the total income of the enterprise in the same period shall not be less than 60%;

 (7) The innovation capability of enterprise evaluated shall meet the corresponding requirements; and

 (8) Absent major safety or quality accident or serious environmental violation occurred within one year prior to the application of the enterprise for accreditation.

In this regard, since its establishment in March 2017, Union Memory has been deeply engaged in ESSDs, CSSDs and embedded storage and other product lines, continuously creating value for customers in such fields as servers, data centers, PCs, mobile terminals, smart wearables, the Internet, and POCs. As of October 2021, Union Memory has recieved 174 invention patents and 8 software copyrights. Its core technologies such as proprietary controllers, firmware design and package testing are in the leading position in its industry, and all of its inputs and results meet and far better than the requalification conditions of national high-tech enterprise.

Cody Wang, Union Memory’s CEO, said that “we are privileged to have passed the National High-tech Enterprise requalification, which is a high recognition of our innovation capacity. Today, Union Memory is an industrial leader in terms of the number of invention patents, software copyrights and integrated circuit layout design certificates, reaching the high standard of national high-tech enterprise accreditation. In the future, Union Memory will continue to increase investment in R&D, and strive to become a leader of technological innovations in the flash memory industry.”

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