Union Memory Launched the New Official Website 

Union Memory Launched the New Official Website

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Union Memory, a leading provider of flash memory solutions, announced today that its new official website is going online today.

The design and development of the official website of Union Memory took 3 months, using domain name of www.unionmem.com. Based on adaptive technology, it renders excellent display performance in PCs, mobile phones, tablets and other terminals.

The new official website of Union Memory launched has four features:

More refined design - The web design follows the principle of "simplicity, grace", using the mainstream flat style in the Sci-tech circle, with the white of the highest user acceptance as the background, which perfectly matches the brand standard color "Union Memory Purple", together forming a unique online visual identity. In addition, Product Center and News only have two levels of pages, Core Technologies, Solutions, About Union Memory, Service Support and Join Us only have one level of pages, making it easier for the users to visit the website and more convenient to find the contents.

More authoritative releases - From the latest products, to core technologies and solutions, then to news and information, as well as product specifications/manuals, technical white papers, brand image promotional videos and other documents, all will be first released on the official website of Union Memory and presented in an all-round manner. Union Memory’s official website will adopt the most stringent content standards to ensure that the content released is more authoritative.

More colorful contents - This website has 7 first-level columns of Product Center, Core Technologies, Solutions, Service Support, About Union Memory, News, and Join Us and 24 second-level columns thereof. Among them, there are three second-level columns in the Product Center, namely ESSDs, CSSDs and Embedded Storage, respectively representing the three most important product lines of Union Memory. Currently, there are eight products on display, and the number is expected to increase to 15 by the end of 2022 as more are released.

More powerful features - In addition to the regular information display of the latest products, core technologies, solutions, and new, this site also enables document download, online spreadsheets and other features. In the Product Center, users can download single category documents such as product specifications on the detail page of each product. While in the download center sub-column of Service Support, users will find product manuals, technical white papers, brand image promotional videos and other corporate or comprehensive documents. In addition, through the online spreadsheet tools, users can submit contact information, problem description for business consultation or seek technical support.

Cody Wang, Union Memory’s CEO, said that “We are glad to launch the new version of our official website, which marks a milestone for Union Memory after nearly five years of rapid growth and its independent operation under the Union Memory brand. We expect it to become our most authoritative platform for information release and interactive communications, and play a key role in the development history of the Union Memory brand.”

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