Union Memory Released New Generation ESSD and CSSDs, Leading the Upgrade in Solid-State Memories

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Union Memory, a leading provider of flash memory solutions, today released three series of New-generation SSDs, including UH811a/UH831a series of ESSD, as well as AM630 and AM521 series of CSSDs, which offer higher performance, lower latency, and higher reliability for servers, data centers or PCs.

Union Memory UH811a/UH831a achieves up to 7000 MB/s in sequential read, up to 1600K IOPS in random read speed by applying YMTC 128L 3D eTLC

Union Memory UH811a/UH831a achieves up to 7000 MB/s in sequential read, up to 1600K IOPS in random read speed by applying PCIe Gen 4, NVMe 1.4 and YMTC 128L 3D eTLC. In addition, its capacity is up to 7.68 TB (U.2), designed especially for high availability systems, with features of ultra-low consistent latency and high quality of service (QoS).

It is worthy to note that UH811a/UH831a incorporates 12 nm in-house controller and advanced processing technique, leading to higher performance and lower power consumption and cost. Moreover, based on the intelligent multi-stream aggregation technology, hot and cold data streams are layered, in order to improve the performance and service life of ESSD while lowering the cost.

Union Memory AM630 is the first PCIe Gen 4 CSSD for ODM partners

Union Memory AM630 applies PCIe Gen 4 high-speed interfaces and is the first PCIe Gen 4 CSSD for ODM partners. It achieves up to 3200 MB/s in sequential read and up to 780K IOPS in random read speed, offering high performance, high reliability and low power for PCs, servers and industrial PCs.

In addition, the CSSD has two form factors, including M.2.2242 and M.2.2280. Its capacity is up to 1 TB, and L1.2 power, idle power and working power are less than 3 mW, 50 mW and 150 mW, respectively, significantly improving the duration of the devices. 

Union Memory AM521 is a low-cost CSSD with a max. weight of only 3.5 g

Union Memory AM521 achieves up to 2100 MB/s in sequential read and up to 900 MB/s in sequential write speed by applying PCIe interfaces. In addition, 128 GB and 256 GB capacities are available, with max. weight of only 3.5 g and working power less than 4 W, making it the best choice for various cost-effective applications.

Cody Wang, Union Memory’s CEO, said that "We are pleased to release three new-generation SSDs, marking a breakthrough for the ESSD market as Union Memory continues to strengthen its leadership in the CSSD market. At present, AM630 has achieved mass production, and the mass production of AM521 and UH810a/UH830a ESSD series is imminent. We will also launch more innovative ESSDs, CSSDs and embedded storages to create greater value for our partners."

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