Union Memory’s SSD at the Level of Data Center Escorts the Internet Financial Platform

There is a large state-owned commercial bank, ranking among the top 500 in the world, and being listed among the top 1000 global banks by The Banker and the top 500 global commercial banks by the Fortune for many times. It has a wide range of business types, and provides customers with diversified and special financial services, with a large customer base at home and abroad.

Partner Requirements

With the advantages of low threshold, convenient operation and high inclusiveness, etc., Internet finance has developed rapidly, bringing great challenges to the traditional financial model. In order to cope with the impact from Internet finance, this bank established its own Internet finance platform in combination with the latest Internet technology while meeting the needs of its own financial business.Its Internet financial platform supports its business such as digital currency, third-party payment, big data finance, and financial portal, which has high requirements in rapid response and safe storage for data storage, mining and processing. In addition to strengthening the adaptation to business requirements from big data, cloud computing and other technologies, it also requires the use of high performance, low latency, and highly reliable storage hardware.


Union Memory finally participated in achieving the following solution by analyzing the application needs of this bank and combining with its actual business situation.

Solution configuration:

•Configure RAID 10 with multiple logical volumes and one server node with four Union Memory's DSSDs, so as to provide high reliability/low latency storage space;
•Deploy the database by server nodes in container mode, and provide node level reliability based on one master and multiple slaves among multiple servers;
•Agilely deploy distributed databases through the cloud native technology for flexible expansion and to cope with business emergencies;
•Deploy each server with 3~10 database instances, and narrow the failure domain for key businesses, while improving the resource utilization for the other businesses;

Performance indicators: 150,000 TPMS per server at peak, and average 60,000 TPMS

Union Memory's self-developed DSSD adopts the PCIe Gen4 * 4 high-speed interface, supports the NVME 1.4 standard protocol, notification and violent hot swap, and has the characteristics of high performance, low latency and high reliability, which could well meet the customer's business requirements.

Case Value

  • Higher data security

    By deploying Union Memory's database level SSD, the Internet financial platform of this bank has obtained a 30% improvement in its data storage security. Union Memory's DSSD adopts the master control and firmware developed by Union Memory itself, and has dual mechanisms in firmware backup, upgrade and power failure protection, which can ensure the safe data storage and call and meet this bank's requirement in high security.

    Significant improvement in client`s data processing efficiency

    For its first-class performance in terms of read/write latency, QoS, etc., Union Memory's DSSD helped this bank to obtain a 50% improvement in its client data processing efficiency.

    Lower overall cost

    While improving the data security and performance, the application of Union Memory's DSSD storage solution successfully reduced the storage cost of this bank by around 20%.

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