Union Memory’ESSD Joins Forces with a X86 Server Manufacturer to Create a New Paradigm of Servers

There is a server manufacturer specialized in R&D, manufacturing, deployment and maintenance, which is also an IT system solution provider engaged itself in supply of diversified servers and IT infrastructure products based on X86 architecture-based universal racks, artificial intelligence, multi nodes, edge computing, and JDM full life-cycle customization for industrial customers.It is committed to filling the gap in the fine custom server market. With years of research and development in the server field, it could provide customers with all-round customization services in software, hardware, operation and maintenance, services, certification, etc. according to customers' demands. It can not only develop, manufacture and deploy servers for users in a short time with a controllable cost, but also ensure the high reliability and stability of its products through fine management and services.

Partner Requirements

With the maturity in software and hardware technology, cloud service has become an important choice for enterprises to promote their business innovation. Internet enterprises closely related to cloud service, need to optimize their cloud platform architectures, innovate technologies and services to support their demands in big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies.In order to meet the needs of Internet customers, this server manufacturer wants to join hands with Union Memory's ESSD to help Internet customers to develop their cloud services, make full use of computing and storage resources in the limited server space to achieve high cost performance and low energy consumption, so as to meet different industrial service needs.


Union Memory's ESSD products adopt the industry-advanced SR-IOV technology to realize the sharing of storage resources based on virtual machines and reduce the occupancy of CPU resource. Adoption of Union Memory's ESSD helped this manufacturer to save 2 vCPU cores per disk and 24 vCPU cores per node based on its original 128-core CPU.

And meanwhile, Union Memory's ESSD has the function of performance isolation to ensure no performance impact among all virtual SSDs during occupancy of the specified capacity. Its Qos could enable load balancing among virtual SSDs. Union Memory's ESSD has optimized the token bucket scheduling based on its original SR-IOV function, thus achieving a reduction of performance impact from 10% to below 5% among VFs under some complex business scenarios.

Characteristics of high performance, low latency, etc. enable Union Memory's ESSD products to better meet the storage needs of server manufacturers in the Internet industry.

Case Value

  • Lower storage cost

    Adoption of Union Memory's ESSD could decrease the number of PCle devices required by the customer through application of the SR-IOV technology, thus lowering the storage cost for the server manufacturer.

    Improved product competitiveness

    By interacting with virtual machines, Union Memory's ESSD can reduce the burden of the server CPU and in computing, thus giving better play to product performance and enhancing the competitiveness.

    Higher performance and security

    While using the virtualization technology, Union Memory's ESSD can be incorporated with other I/O technologies to provide manufacturers with more complete, high performance and secure storage solutions.

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