Union Memory DSSD, as a High-performance Cache, Improves the Customer Experience for an E-commerce Platform

There is an e-commerce platform established in Singapore in 2015, with the business spreading more than ten domestic and international markets in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Taiwan, etc. It is a pilot enterprise of e-commerce platform, providing one-stop cross-border solutions for sellers, with the service including logistics, payment, incubation, etc.

Partner Requirements

Under the increasingly fierce competitive environment among e-commerce platforms, rapid response to customer needs and perfect after-sales service have become the important elements to increase users' dependency.As this e-commerce platform has been growing its business continuously since its establishment, its original IT system cannot meet its demands in business development any more, especially for its long-time online business operation, high sensitivity to latency and extremely high requirement in SLA. The traditional HDD storage solution cannot meet storage requirements in services such as large-scale advertising, promotion rules, product display, and order processing. The system responds slowly and often takes several seconds for displaying results when customers search for products, which seriously affects the user experience.


The original storage architecture of this e-commerce platform uses the traditional HDD as the storage medium, resulting in high overall latency, long read-write time, less IOP, and user access and data query congestion. Aiming at the existing business requirements of this e-commerce platform, Union Memory proposed to increase the proportion of SSD based on the original storage architecture, and adopted DSSD it develops as the hot data cache disk, so as to stimulate the storage vitality of the original architecture and meet the needs of business development.

Case Value

  • Reduce the average search response time

    For this e-commerce platform, users' experience in using the platform affects the size of customer flow and plays an important role in the overall business operation, while the waiting time in searching data is the first threshold of user experience. With the adoption of the DSSD solution developed by Union Memory, the average search response time reduced greatly, and is 9 times faster than before, thus optimizing the user experience and improving the user dependency.

    Reduce the storage cost

    While retaining the original architecture, Union Memory's DSSD solution adds DSSD as the storage medium for rapid access by customers, which not only realizes the rational utilization of old storage devices, but also meets the customer's current demand for high-performance and low-latency storage, thus reducing the overall storage cost for the customer.

    Convenient maintenance

    Due to inherent defects, the original HDDS are prone to damage during shock or vibration. The new solution can ensure the short-term stability in data storage after incorporation with Union Memory's DSSD. Moreover, the features of Union Memory's DSSD, such as the one-second firmware upgrade, can facilitate the maintenance.

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