Union Memory’s SSD at the Level of Data Center Helps Lower Cost and Higher Efficiency in Internet Cloud Service

There is an Internet company serving as one domestic comprehensive Internet service provider at present, and also one of the Internet enterprises with a large number of service users in China. It provides services such as social software, video, and cloud platform, which creates a convenient communication platform for users and enterprises, and changes people's life style, thus being one of the more well-known Internet companies in China.

Partner Requirements

With the rapid development of digital economy, it has become a common choice for enterprises to provide cloud service, improve business flexibility and agility, and reduce IT costs.This Internet company takes cloud services as an important business segment. It provides high performance OLTP database, AI/ML and other services on its cloud platform, which poses great challenges to storage performance and cost. How to efficiently cope with the business requirements for high performance has become the focus of the exploration on storage under the cloud business of this Internet company.


Based on customers' demands, Union Memory proposed the DSSD solution. Union Memory's DSSD adopts the SR-IOV virtual technology to directly integrate local NVME SSD with service VMs to achieve the maximum performance similar to that of local SSDS, so as to maximize the resource utilization and reduce the computing costs through getting storage resources by shared access.

Description of the Solution:  

•NameSpace divided in DSSD by business demands to isolate the storage space
•Directly integrate NameSpace with the SR-IOV virtual machine, without loss of performance
•Qd and Threads based traffic control to ensure the service performance of each VF in terms of IOPS and bandwidth
•Support online service distribution and recovery to match the service architecture in cloud and Internet scenarios

Case Value

  • Reduce the number of CPU cores

    Tests showed that Union Memory UH711a series DSSDs can save CPU computing power by 18.5% for a single server. The saved CPU computing power can be used to offer 12 additional storage and lease services, which therefore improves the performance.

    Support the concurrent processing of multiple services

    Union Memory UH711a series DSSs adopt the QOS service quality control and the industry-leading service isolation design, and support concurrent processing of multiple services without any interference to improve the user experience, thus enabling the efficient operation of multiple services on the cloud platform, such as database, artificial intelligence, application caching, and high-speed indexing.

    Reduce the cost

    In this solution, the SR-IOV virtualization technology can maximize SSD performance and fully utilize resources through sharing, thereby reducing the storage and overall costs.

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