Union Memory Cooperate With Lenovo Which Help Lenovo Improve User Experience of Its Main Products 

Union Memory Cooperate With Lenovo Which Help Lenovo Improve User Experience of Its Main Products

Lenovo Group is a global technology company founded in China with business footprints in 180 markets across the world. Focusing on the development of globalization and continuously developing innovative technologies, Lenovo is committed to building a more inclusive, trustworthy and sustainable digital society, leading and enabling the transformation and reform of the intelligent new era, and creating better experiences and opportunities for hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.  

  As a leading global ICT technology company, adhering to the “Smart, for Every Possible” concept, Lenovo continues to research, design and manufacture the world's most complete portfolio of end-to-end intelligent devices and intelligent infrastructure products, to provide users and the industry as a whole with intelligent terminals integrating applications, services and best experiences, as well as powerful cloud infrastructure and industry-based intelligent solutions.  

  As the world's leading manufacturer of intelligent devices, Lenovo provides hundreds of millions of intelligent terminal devices, including computers, tablets and smart phones, to global users on a yearly basis. Lenovo ranked NO.1 among its counterparts in the world in terms of PC sales in 2021. As a global top supplier of corporate digital and intelligent solutions, Lenovo actively promotes the industry-wide development of “equipment + cloud” and “infrastructure + cloud”, as well as the implementation of intelligent solutions.

Partner Requirements


To address the business challenges faced by Lenovo Group, Union Memory provides high-performance and highly reliable solutions based on CSSDs.

Full line of CSSDs, covering a variety of specifications, interfaces, sizes and capacities adaptive to Lenovo’s leading products (including high-end gaming notebook, high-end business notebook, mobile workstation, etc.), are available. Among them, AM630 is the industry's first PCIe Gen 4 solution for OEM Partners, and its product performance is ahead of competitors.

  • Our products feature industry-leading high performance and high reliability, with perfect quality assurance and technical support in place, consecutively ranking among the best in Lenovo’s QBR selections.

  • Our products are incorporated with autonomous, controllable and customized firmware, and AM521 products have fully autonomous controller design, providing Partners with a perfect customization platform.

  • Our products have the design that can best adapt to high-end notebooks, including balanced performance, optimal heat dissipation management, international and domestic data security management standards, commercial grade data retention capability, and more.

Case Value

  • High performance

    High performance, high reliability, and diversified products provide PC with greater storage performance and improve user experience.

    Cost effective

    On the basis of high cost performance of our products, the after-sales cost is reduced with perfect quality assurance and technical support, so that PC products bring the industry's best user experience.

    High compatibility

    Compared with the previous generation of products, AM630 has improved its performance by 30%, fully compatible with PCIe Gen4 CPU ecology, and strongly supports PC Partners' intergenerational CPU switching.

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